Whether you’re a college freshman ready for an adventure or a senior waiting to graduate, you can’t forget about good study habits. Even if you’ve been outperforming in all of your classes, you have to remember that every semester at UM is different. Different classes may mean that you might have to adjust your study habits in order to earn the grade you need to keep your GPA alive. Whether you’re taking classes anywhere on campus or online, we at the ROAM Student Living hope the following study tips for UM students can help:

Show Up to Lecture

Although some teachers don’t take attendance, showing up to class is crucial to your performance. How else will you know what will be on the tests or what section the class is in? There are even times when professors may give out extra points for attendance. We know there are days where you’re just not feeling so hot about class, but showing up is the most important habit to have if you want to excel.

Determine Whether You’re a Listener or Note Taker

Although many teachers encourage note-taking, there are some of us who aren’t so good at it. There are those who can naturally remember everything if they’re paying close attention to the teacher and not so focused on writing down everything they’re saying. Most of the time, you don’t even have enough time in your schedule to go over the notes you took in class. We’re not trying to discourage note taking, we just want you to experiment and figure out if it is truly the best move for you to put most of your focus towards.

Take Notes the Right Way

Always be prepared if you are a note taker. Technology is an amazing tool that can help you study better. Thanks to note-taking apps like Zoho and the Notepad on Apple products, studying has never been easier. You can look up any term you need in seconds using the Ctrl + f command and highlight important notes. Just make sure that you’re always prepared with a paper and pen in case your studying devices decide to act up. We also encourage you to print out your notes so that you have an extra copy in hand.

Organize Yourself

College schedules tend to get busy towards midterms and finals, especially if you’re enrolled in more than 12 credit hours. Try setting up alarms and scheduled reminders to help you study and remind you of important upcoming dates. This way you don’t forget about what test you have to study for next week.

You should also make sure to organize your notes and reviews according to each course. Having a messy backpack or computer folder can take away from your study time when crunch hour comes around.

Review What the Professor Taught/Gave You

9 times out of 10, the professor will go over every topic that will be covered in class assignments, quizzes, and tests. Make sure you take advantage of every extra credit opportunity and practice with the study guides your professor has made for you. There have been plenty of situations where the problems on a test look very similar to study guide questions. That is when reviewing what your professor gave you will come in handy.

Ask Questions

There is no such thing as a dumb question. The best students usually ask questions when they’re lost in class. Asking questions can also help others in class answer their unasked questions. You also never know when the professor might forget to cover a certain topic.

Form a UM Study Group

There are plenty of other students who are running into the same problems you are. Forming a small study group is great for grasping elements you might not have understood from a certain lecture. There are going to be times where your fellow classmates understand something you don’t, and your study group can help explain it to you. You’ll also be able to learn to find better ways to study as everyone in the study group may have useful tips and tricks for you. Group studying is also a way for you to make some new friends and keep your social life active.

Find a Tutor

There are plenty of tutoring resources on the UM Campus. There are tutors ready to help you with homework, test preparation, and study strategies for different subjects. Tutoring services are free, so take advantage of the extra resources!

Rest and Relax

Taking enough time off can be beneficial to your studying. Your body needs to be well rested for you to respond well.

Study Outside

The great outdoors is great for reading a book and escaping from the indoor scene. As long as the weather permits, you can find a bench at your favorite park in Missoula and take in some fresh air. Going outside can help reduce stress and can help you get your daily dose of vitamin D, an important vitamin. We know that the outside might not offer free wi-fi, but it does offer a great escape.

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